Lynda Loo’s Vanilla Lavender Bath Bombs do more than help you relax…

For most of us, we know one of the best ways to relax is to kick our shoes off, grab a glass of wine, turn up the tunes, and fill up our bathtubs with hot relaxing water throw in a bomb and maybe over pour some bubble bath liquid and sink right in! ahhhhh now that’s my picture perfect way to relax.

A lot of us even have our own go-to scents that help us to further drown out the stress and busyness of the day. Lavender is the perfect example of a soft, calming scent that holds a lot more benefits than you’d think! Did you know, not only can Lavender essential oil help reduce stress, but it is also well known to decrease anxiety and help with depression and insomnia- I know which bath bomb I’ll be using before bed! Researchers have also looked into the effects lavender oil can have on premenstrual emotional symptoms and believe that aromatherapy has a potential to alleviate its symptoms. (I’m sure chocolate helps too!)

Another ingredient that Lynda Loo uses in all our bath bombs is Epsom salt. Epsom salts contain mineral compounds such as magnesium and sulfate which have amazing health benefits including detoxifying pathways from your body. Magnesium is essential to have in our systems as it helps regulate blood flow, reduce inflammation, and helps stimulate muscle and nerve functions. Taking a bath with Epsom salts can help our bodies absorb these minerals which then pulls toxins out, therefore cleansing our bodies. However, if you are looking to detox I would suggest avoiding any soap with your baths such as bubble bath or shampoo since the ingredients could affect the detoxification process.

Although these are just some of the many health benefits of using Lavender oil and Epsom salts in your bath, I encourage you to try these ingredients alone or all together in our Vanilla Lavender bath bombs! Your body and skin will thank you.

Written by: Adeline Pinet | Lynda Loo Bath Products 


Vanilla Lavender Bath Bomb

Indulge in the yellow and purple swirls of sweet vanilla and fresh lavender scents. Complete with dried lavender buds to make you feel like you’re taking a bath for royalty.

$4.99 each / 4 for $16.00

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