A bath bomb that’s outta this world!


Its Adeline here from Lynda Loo Bath Products and I’m excited to show off this new creation of mine called the Galaxy Bath Bomb. What’s most exciting about this glittering wonder is that it is made with biodegradable glitter- that’s right, it contains no plastics and dissolves before hitting major water sources creating less pollution, which every little bit helps. ♥ Take a bath in the galactic purple waters and watch the sparkles glisten like the stars in the night sky.


Other than the amazing sparkle, this bath bomb is made with skin safe, cosmetically approved ingredients and water-soluble colours (like all Lynda Loo bath bombs) and creates an amazing colourful display in the water. Take a look for yourself below!

As you can see this bath bomb puts on quite a show! The lighting in my bathroom isn’t very good so at the end of the video, I was shining a light on it to show viewers how amazingly purple and sparkling the water actually is! Unfortunately, the one thing you can’t experience from the video is the cosmic smell which of course is not TOO overpowering… we don’t want people to smell you from outside of this earth… hahaha. and I don’t know about you but this bath bomb definitely made me feel like a star-lord.


Anyways, hope you can enjoy this bath bomb too, and if you would like to order it for yourself you can by clicking the order button below:



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