All natural lotion skin care routine

If you’re anything like me, and somewhat worried about keeping your skin youthful by keeping up with a good skin care routine and figuring out what kind of moisturizer is right for your skin. Before, a bad habit I formed was buying the same moisturizer over and over again. When it ran out I would keep buying it because it was easier than searching for a new lotion; Without really knowing if it was actually beneficial to my skin because I never really noticed any difference. However, now after trying my own homemade Whipped Body Lotions there is no way I’m buying a store bought lotion again. The difference is outrageous.

First- I would go through the store bought moisturizer fairly quick and $17 for a 3 oz jar from a reputable store gets pretty pricey. Luckily for me, and YOU, a little bit of Lynda Loo’s Whipped Body Lotion goes a long way for less! Only $8 for a beautiful 4 oz jar of goodness.

Second- When using Lynda Loo’s Whipped Body Lotion my face feels more moisturized and softer throughout the day. Delightfully, it also feels CLEAR like my skin can breath. Unlike the store bought moisturizer. When putting it on in the morning it felt nice and smooth at first and it seemed like it absorbed into my skin nicely, BUT, during the rest of the day my face felt sweaty and clogged, which is not a nice feeling.

Third- When I use My Whipped Body Lotion I know exactly what’s going into my skin because I use only all natural ingredients like coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax, arrowroot starch, and 100% essential oils extracted from plants.

Which brings me to my daily night time routine and what I like to do before bedtime each night to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy, tight, and rejuvenated.

1. BRUSH YOUR TEETH. This is an obvious one, but I like to do this first and get it over with. And not only is it good to maintain oral hygiene, but it will boost your confidence seeing your pearly whites shine everyday!

2. WET. WASH. RINSE. & DRY. This also might seem like an obvious one but during a busy day and exhausting evening this can often get overlooked. Washing your face before bedtime is crucial to keep healthy and CLEAR skin, especially for us ladies who use foundation makeup which clogs pores and causes breakouts. Using a soap can also be like choosing the right lotion, there’s a lot of different soap out there to choose from and unfortunately that is not something I have decided to make yet. I suggest choosing something with no fragrance or added colour. Look for ones made from natural oils and butters like coconut, Shea, apricot, kernel, jojoba, etc, or ones made with goats milk, oatmeal, or honey. Soaps that have beneficial essential oils like tea tree oil are good for helping heal scars and acne. I could go on, but personally I use a non scented soap with activated charcoal in it because I have read that it is good for oily skin and helps calm red complexions which Has been working for me. So, the best way to clear all the dirt and gunk from the day is to rinse face with Luke warm water, Then, using a face scrubber (I like using something like THIS, it’s the best for scrubbing off dead skin), face cloth, or simply use your hands to lather and wash your face with a good soap or foaming cleanser, then rinse again with warm water, and pat dry.

3. MOISTURIZER! Now’s the time to use that Whipped Body Lotion <3<3<3 As soft and amazing as it is, you really only need the smallest amount to cover your entire face. Literally a finger tip size will do! Spread it between both your two main fingers and massage onto skin focusing on areas like the forehead, eyebrows (yes, eyebrows!), below and beside the eyes where “dark bags” and “crows feet” can occur, on the chin, above the lip, and along your smile lines. I pretty much focus on my entire face to be safe. Lol (“Laugh Out Loud” for you non-abbreviation type). I found a great YouTube video by Olgatoga demonstrating a full facial massage focusing on the forehead. I substituted the grapeseed oil with my own Floral Garden Whipped Body Lotion which worked very nicely and I really enjoyed the massage techniques used. If you would like to check the video out yourself you can find it by clicking HERE.

There I am looking all fresh and moisturized. Normally I wouldn’t take a makeup-less selfie but I was feeling good and my lotion inspired me to write this blog. If you are interested in trying Lynda Loo’s Lotions for yourself you can find them by clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading!


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