Easy easter goodies for toddlers

This Easter is very exciting for me and my partner, it’s our baby’s first Easter ❤️ Since our son is over 9 months old and has been eating solid foods, I decided to fill some plastic Easter eggs with some age-appropriate treats! So, the three of us headed to Shoppers Drug Mart, a brisk walk around the corner from us and headed over to the baby aisle to get some known favourites and see if we could find something new! After picking up some Baby Mum Mums (Myles ultimate favourite snack food right now for his teething gums), and some organic purée fruit packets (great for in between meal snacks!), we looked for some bite-sized snacks for the plastic Easter eggs.

We also decided to go for rice puffs, another known snack for Myles and also the perfect size to fit in the eggs. We chose a selection of flavours including a broccoli and spinach one which my boyfriend winced at but oh well, we will see if Myles likes them or not! As my eyes continue to scan the shelves I came across THE MOST PERFECT EASTER TREAT!!

These rubber duck looking corn and rice puffs are too cute, labelled for 9 months plus (perfect), and small enough to fit in the eggs as well! Made with “organic corn grits, organic rice flour, organic sunflower oil, organic dehydrated carrot, and organic dehydrated apple” with a side note “may contain milk”. So I added these to the mix and eagerly started to fill eggs as soon as we got home in anticipation for tomorrow!

Another great idea to put inside plastic eggs are small pieces of cut up fruit! Halved blueberries, quartered seedless grapes, chopped up strawberries, and I’m sure some veggies would work too (peas?). Tip- dry the cut up pieces in a piece of paper towel before adding to the eggs to create less(ish) of a mess when the eggs get opened.

Anyways, I totally loved the “love ducks” and wanted to share them and some other ideas right before Easter! Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and great long weekend and I would love to hear what else people put in their children’s plastic eggs, you can post your ideas on our Facebook post.


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