About Lynda Loo


img_1073Lynda Loo is a mother and daughter-run business. It all started when my mom (Lynda) came up with the name Lynda Loo in early 2016 and we made some bath bombs together. It started as a fun hobby and grew into a passion of ours. Every day, we are learning new techniques and improving our products as well as working and collaborating on new ideas. All for the greater good of baths and having a stress-free and relaxing time.Β 

We all deserve some time to unwind and relax.

Our ultimate goal for Lynda Loo is to provide you with fresh, quality made with skin safe ingredients, fun, and colourful products that leave you feeling relaxed, smelling good, and your skin feeling fabulous. Not to mention, feeling like the princess (or prince) that you are!